We bring the best experts. Over 20 years combined experience in commercial roofing conducting full property inspection, Assessments and installations. Extensive experience in storm damage field investigations / forensics working alongside insurance adjusters and engineers.

Cima has a successful and proven strategy for restoration projects. Insurance claims can be very complex with a number of variables. It is important to be prepared to identify, show, and communicate the damage to an insurance adjuster to ensure no details are overlooked.

We reduce the amount of time you spend on the restoration, and let you get back to your business and life.

We remove unforeseen and unintended costs by providing our Insurance Loss and Restoration services at no cost to you!! A signed contingency agreement gives us permission to do the remediation work for the replacement cost value that the insurance company approves.

We make sure your project is completed at the fair market price for your repairs. We use the same software that most insurance companies use and work with insurance adjustors to determine the scope of work and fair market price for your repairs.

We make sure all damage is identified. Storms with powerful winds and hail not only can cause a considerable amount of damage to your roof, but also secondary damage to your property like air-conditioning units, siding, windows and signs. Roofing contractors just repair the roof and adjusters often overlook or even misidentify storm damage leaving you to address areas of missed damage. We conduct full property inspections and evaluations. We are a full-service contractor, and can repair your entire building to its pre-loss condition.